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BIG-IQ 7.x notes

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Waiting for the new version has been very painful as they keep pushing it back due to issues with BIG-IP 14.x

Some major difference with 7.x from the current 6.1.0

support for clone pools

support for one-connect

Creation of applications using AS3 application templates (this is monsterous since now you will be able to create applications in the GUI that would mimic if you created the application via an API call to AS3 which allows user to control pool members)..  its a requirement.

We are trying to migrate from current Legacy LTMs to NEW LTMs which involves us

1. Export Certificate & Key from Legacy LTM

2. Import Cert & Key on BIG-IQ

3. Create SSL Client Profile using imported Cert & Key and cipher settings and options.

Now when you deploy that application using AS3, you'll reference the SSL-Client profile.

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Upgrade Instructions on how I upgraded our BIG-IQ from 6.1.0 to 7.0.0

First download the .iso from support.f5.com

Log into BIG-IQ GUI and click on System - Software Management

Click on Images and then the button Upload Image then browse to that .iso you just downloaded and click open.

Then you have to click Upload and you'll see a status bar similar to the one I show below


Now that the image uploaded now its time to install the image.  So now click on System - Software Management - Installations

Click the Upgrade button


Now you need to select whether you want to do a Rolling Upgrade or Regular Upgrade. (Rolling Upgrade is great if you don't want any interruption and Regular Upgrade is for anyone that is okay with your BIG-IQ being down for awhile and if you have less than 3 DCDs)

NOTE: the system will upgrade all DCD's first so you still have full use of BIG-IQ until it upgrades the BIG-IQ system appliance


When they are at 100% you'll loose connection and it take a long long time before you get anything to pop backup on the GUI which below is one of the several screens that are displayed when its booting back up




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