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How to export all ASM Policies


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Here is a bash script that will export all your policies as XML file which is the same as if you went one by one via the GUI

Create file on your machine (I've tested from my Macbook as well as a RedHat server successfully)

vi exportASMpolicies.sh

Then copy and paste the following


echo "environment:$envir"
echo "ltm:$ltm"
echo "user:$user"
echo "password:$pass"

curl -ku $user:$pass -X GET https://$ltm/mgmt/tm/asm/policies | jq '.items[] | "pol_name:" + .name + ";api_id:" + .id' >> asmDetails$envir.txt
cat asmDetails$envir.txt |grep pol_name |cut -d":" -f2 |cut -d";" -f1 >> asmPolicies$envir.txt
cat asmDetails$envir.txt |grep pol_name |cut -d":" -f3 |cut -d'"' -f1 >> asmIDs$envir.txt

folderName="$(zdump AEST)"
mkdir -p asm"$envir"Backup
mkdir "asm"$envir"Backup/""$folderName"

paste -d'\n' asmPolicies"$envir".txt asmIDs"$envir".txt | while read asmPolicy && read asmIDs;do
echo $asmPolicy $asmIDs
curl -ku $user:$pass -X POST https://"$ltm"/mgmt/tm/asm/tasks/export-policy -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"filename":"'$asmPolicy'","policyReference":{"link":"https://localhost/mgmt/tm/asm/policies/'$asmIDs'"}}'
curl -ku $user:$pass -X GET https://"$ltm"/mgmt/tm/asm/file-transfer/downloads/$asmPolicy >> asm"$envir"Backup/"$folderName"/$asmPolicy.xml

rm asmDetails"$envir".txt
rm asmPolicies"$envir".txt
rm asmIDs"$envir".txt

Don't forget to make the file executable

chmod +x exportASMpolicies.sh

Then finally run the command and you should get a folder output



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This is very awesome and saved me a ton of time since the GUI you can only export one at a time which exports into XML just like this does.

Now the real question is....

Do you have a script to import all the xml files?

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