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Management IP

Cowboy Denny

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From CLI (command line interface) run the following command to list the current management IP address

tmsh list /sys management-ip

Also check the management route is in place

tmsh list /sys management-route


If nothing is configured or you want to change it then follow the below to assign the management IP to your F5 device

tmsh create /sys management-ip [ip address/netmask]


tmsh create /sys management-ip

Don't forget to create the management route as well

tmsh create /sys management-route default gateway <gateway ip address>


tmsh create /sys management-route default gateway


Now when you run the list command it should look similar to below

tmsh list /sys management-ip
sys management-ip {
    description configured-statically

tmsh list /sys management-route
sys management-route default {
    network default

The configuration option Network specifies the trap network. Management: Specifies that the system sends the trap out of the management IP address (or the cluster management IP address, if this is a clustered configuration). Other: Specifies that the system sends the trap out of the interface based on the routing tables.

NOTE:  By default, the SNMP trap egresses from the TMM interface if the trap destination is accessible through Management and TMM interfaces. Also, if there is a TMM route and Management route to the same trap destination, the traps will always egress from the TMM interface and not through the Management interface. 

To look at the routing table for both Management and TMM, use the following command:
netstat -nr

To view all existing TMM routes, type the following command:

tmsh show /net route

To view routes in the routing table, main, type the following command:

ip route show table main

To view the management routing table routes (table 245), type the following command:

ip route show table 245


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Self IP address is an IP address on the f5 system that you associate with a VLAN, to access hosts in that VLAN

Basically management IP is used to manage f5 device configuration, monitoring SNMP, etc.

By default, the BIG-IP system allows access to the protocols and ports on the management interface listed in the following table.

Service Port Protocol Description
SSH 22 TCP Secure Shell protocol
HTTPS 443 TCP Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure protocol
SNMP 161 TCP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNMP 161 UDP Simple Network Management Protocol
F5 HA 1026 UDP Network failover communication for high availability
F5 iQuery 4353 TCP iQuery protocol
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