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Here are some learning lessons when it comes to HA (High Availability) with BIG-IQ.  I'll first start by saying its not as easy as it should be to setup HA.

This is an explanation of IP Addresses


When I try and use just Management IP Addresses with Auto Failover or Manual Failover I get the following error


An error occurred while adding the BIG-IQ: ERROR: (Active) connects as to (Standby). Please check your discovery address and network configuration

So for Failover it must be configured like the below (but I still can't get the Floating IP Address to work)


Eventually after some time if the HA process/config is correct it may look similar to the image below



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When you promote the secondary to active (in this example 02 was ACTIVE and I promoted 01 to be ACTIVE) you must remove the standby box and reset it following the below


On the ACTIVE CM, click Remove Standby

Once you confirm the HA is broke and all is good, go to the cli of the now Standby box and reset it by running:


This was when you re-add it to the standby it will be clean.  As a rule, adding the standby you use SelfIP, the DCD must have SelfIP in same subnet and the FloatingIP should be same subnet as MGMT IP.


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