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SNMP info regarding F5

Cowboy Denny

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How to add user


How to verify..

verify what IP address SNMP query will see run the following on F5 to find out ( is the SNMP source that is querying the F5)
ip route get via dev mgmt  src

In the above example: the source ( needs to be querying the F5 at


verify F5 is seeing snmp queries with snmp v3 user c0wboy

On F5 Device: tcpdump -ni 0.0:nnn -s0 port 161 | grep "c0wboy"

On Jumpbox (or device in SNMP allowed list) run: 

SNMP v3:  snmpget -v 3 -u c0wboy -a SHA -A snmp\!auth\-pwd\! -x AES -X snmpprivpwd -l authPriv sysSystemUptime.0

SNMP v2: snmpwalk -v 2c -c Public F5-BIGIP-SYSTEM-MIB::sysSystemUptime.0

NOTE: password must use \ to escape special characters.



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I've been tasked with sending specific text to our SPLUNK from our F5 devices every hour.  So let's walk through on how to do that.

This "task" is broken up into a few sections/to do's

  • Create Script that will run snmp create entry with specific text
  • VALIDATE you can see specific text in SPLUNK
  • Add script to crontab on F5 to run every hour
  • SPLUNK check for specific text and if not receive 3 entries of specific text in 3hrs then send alert.


TEST box, do you see SNMP entries for the past 24hrs?
index="infra_network" sourcetype="f5:bigip:syslog" usdet2slbtst0*


IDENTIFY the SNMP command needed to send text to SPLUNK using netcat

COMMAND: echo '<0><descriptive message>' | nc -w 1 -u <IP_address_of_syslog_server> <port_of_syslog_server>

EXAMPLE: echo '<0>netcat test message for Cowboy' | nc -w 1 -u 514

If it doesn't work the most common error you get is: Ncat: Could not resolve hostname " 514": Name or service not known. QUITTING

If it does work it should look similar to the below image


You can also do tests with netcat to see if TCP and/or UDP ports are open by running the same command as above but just a little different.  Let me show you:

TCP Test: echo "<14>Cowboy Test TCP syslog message" >> /dev/tcp/

UDP Test: echo "<14>Cowboy Test UDP syslog message" >> /dev/udp/

After running both commands above, I then search splunk for a unique word in my message like Cowboy, I see only UDP made it so TCP isn't supported



IDENTIFY the SNMP command needed to send text to SPLUNK using logger

COMMAND: logger -p <facility>.<level> "<descriptive message>"

EXAMPLE: logger -p local0.notice "logger test message for Cowboy"



Add script to crontab to run the SNMP command to run every hour on the hour

crontab -e

0 * * * * echo '<0>netcat hourly big-ip test message' | nc -w 1 -u 514


Confirm you see message coming into SPLUNK

Example of my query for my environment: index="infra_network" sourcetype="f5:bigip:syslog" host=txsat1slbdv0* "big-ip test message"

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