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Unable to remove BIG-IP devices from BIG-IQ when BIG-IP devices were deleted

Cowboy Denny

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Many times I removed a device before removing it from bigIQ then I have to scramble on how to figure out how to fix it.  This time I am putting down the steps here so I can reference it later since its more common than I thought.

In order to force the removal of the BIG-IPs from the BIG-IQ, please follow the below Plan of Action.
Note: please ensure you insert your own User and Password where prompted.

  • This will display all discovered BIG-IPs associate to the BIG-IQ:
    • restcurl -u admin:YourPassword /mgmt/cm/system/machineid-resolver | jq '.items[] | {uuid,hostname,version,product,managementAddress,selfLink}'
      --This will display similar to below:
        "uuid": "11111111-2222-3a3b-4c4d-555555abcdef",
        "hostname": "BIG-IP-1",
        "version": "",
        "product": "BIG-IP",
        "managementAddress": "",
        "selfLink": "https://localhost/mgmt/cm/system/machineid-resolver/11111111-2222-3a3b-4c4d-555555abcdef"
  • Record the UUID of the device you need to remove.
  • Run the following command with the UUID to force the BIG-IP to be removed from the BIG-IQ:
    • restcurl -u <user:password> -X GET /mgmt/shared/resolver/device-groups/ |grep selfLink | grep -o "/mgmt/.*[[:alnum:]]" | xargs -I {} restcurl -u <user:password> -X DELETE {}/devices/<UUID>
      Note: This command requires to replace your credentials twice
      Example: restcurl -u admin:YourPassword -X GET /mgmt/shared/resolver/device-groups/ |grep selfLink | grep -o "/mgmt/.*[[:alnum:]]" | xargs -I {} restcurl -u admin:YourPassword -X DELETE {}/devices/11111111-2222-3a3b-4c4d-555555abcdef
      Running this will display and scroll several lines to the screen.  Let this run to completion.
  • Once the command is complete, the BIG-IP device should be fully removed from the BIG-IQ GUI.

REFERENCE: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K45451482

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