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BIG-IQ cannot import BIG-IP services

Cowboy Denny

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I added new devices to bigIQ and then I tried to import services (all done via the add multiple devices where you tell it to discover services automatically).  It hung for a long time and then I went to do it manually and it gives me the following error:


"The system returned an unexpected error (400 Bad Request). Only one task can run at a time, an import task is waiting for conflicts to be resolved"


So the solution I found here which basically says:

On the device you are having issues, under services click Import

You have to look at the /var/log/restjavad.0.log and look for the task that is getting stuck: grep "mport task" /var/log/restjavad.0.log


Then delete the task via REST: restcurl -X DELETE '/cm/adc-core/tasks/declare-mgmt-authority/bfcf5974-44be-4805-8e98-786427c57651'


Do the same for all the pending tasks that you see in the logs.

Now, from BigIQ CM's GUI, remove all services associated with BigIP and eventually remove BigIP.

Next, re-add the same BigIP and verify if discovery and import works.

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