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Move Wordpress to subdirectory

Cowboy Denny

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So I installed Wordpress under the root so it all lives under public_html but I would rather have another software (Invision Community) run under the root and I would like to maintain my Wordpress site so I can move stuff over and well keep it around until I'm done with it.

How do you move your site from public_html to public_html/wp

Create a Complete Backup of Your Website

I personally use UpDraft but you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with that includes all the files and database backup


Moving Your WordPress Files From Subdomain to Root Folder

however you want to do it but just move all the files that are in public_html over to your subdirectory which for me was public_html/wp


Change WordPress URL and Site URL Settings

Once you move the WordPress files, you will not be able to access the WordPress admin area on the root domain.

open wp-config.php and search for stop editing.  Right before that line in the file paste the following two lines (obviously changing to match your URL and whether you use http or https)


You can now visit your WordPress site’s admin area on the root domain name.


Update URL's

So now that you can get to your site you aren't done yet.  Many of the links inside Wordpress reference the old URL so you need a tool that will search and replace.  A great FREE tool is Velvet Blues Update URL's and it works great.  You enter the old and new and BAM, it tells you how many items were updated and you are all set.

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