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Move App from Unknown Applications to App Folder

Cowboy Denny

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So in BIG-IQ you will see a tab labeled Applications and upon clicking that tab you will find App Folders.  If you haven't created any Application Folders then you will just see Unknown Applications and all Applications that get created will be under that App Folder.

Below I have created App Folders for reference


Currently an issue exists that if you try and move applications from one folder to another, that other folder may not be visible since the drop down of App Folders only contains up to 9 App Folders but here will will discuss how to work around this using Postman.

You can typically go into an folder, either click on the applications you want to move to a certain App Folder OR you can use the filter and filter the results then select all results then click Move and either select an existing app folder OR create new.  Now when you select all applications this is limited to 50 at a time so if you have more than 50 you would have to repeat the process in batches of 50 but obviously you can not create new each time if the app folder already exists after the first 50.  So thats what this post is all about..  how can I move applications from one folder to a folder that isn't showing up in the drop down.

This is how I accomplished this as a workaround.  Should be an easier way.

First get the app folder GUID which you can get in the browser when clicking on the app folder


Now in postman create a GET request like so


Click Save and then Send (note: you use the authentication method that works for you)

You should get results similar to what is shown here


Since I have almost 500 entries I want to make this easy so I copy everything and paste into a file unknown_apps.org then at a command prompt on my mac or linux or anything with sed I run the following command to get rid of all lines that have configSetName in it I run: 

sed '/"configSetName"/d' unknown_apps.org > unknown_apps.txt

Then I open unknown_apps.txt in vscode and do a find "selfLink" and replace "link"

Also remove lines 1-5 (just garbage)

Now I copy all and go to postman and create a POST which should look like this if you are moving just one app (this way you can see the entire code)


Since we have much more than one app, from your edited vscode file you would paste so you see multiple link lines so it may look something like this


Once your Send this code it will move all the applications with the included GUID to App-01 unless you changed the AppFolder name at the bottom of the file.

Hope that makes sense.

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