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Application stops working when AVR analytics profile is assigned to virtual server


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If we have an https analytics profile assigned to certain Virtual Servers it creates JavaScript errors. Without the Analytics profile assigned it works fine.

This is the error we see.  It is more of a display of junk characters from javascript:

'); win.document.write(''); win.document.close(); win.document.ReportForm.submit(); } function printAllValidationCertificates() { var scrw = parseInt(screen.width); var scrh = parseInt(screen.height); if ((scrw == 800) && (scrh == 600)){ scrw = scrw - (scrw *.2); scrh = scrh - (scrh * .38); } else{ scrw = scrw - (scrw *.16); scrh = scrh - (scrh * .3); } var win = window.open("", "RegistrationAllValidationCertificates", 'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=0,statusbar=0,menubar=0,resizable=0,width='+scrw+',height='+scrh+',left =150,top = 155'); win.focus(); win.document.write(''); win.document.write(''); win.document.write('

Top of Form

'); win.document.write(''); win.document.write('

Bottom of Form

'); win.document.write(''); win.document.close(); win.document.ReportForm.submit(); }

Any ideas?

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You can disable the feature by clearing the Page Load Time option on the analytics profile

Log into the GUI on your F5 LTM

Local Traffic - Virtual Servers - Profiles - Analytics - HTTP Analytics - analytics


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