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How to add SSL Profile to Virtual Server in JSON

Cowboy Denny

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This is a quick reference on how to add a client SSL Profile to your JSON script.

So you need to add a serverTLS entry like the one below which is referencing a client ssl profile further down in the JSON script

          "virtualPort": 443,
          "redirect80": false,
          "serverTLS": "app1.hosangit.corp.c.ssl.pf",
          "profileHTTP": {
            "use": "app1.hosangit.corp.http.prfl"
          "pool": "app1.hosangit.corp.pool",


Here is where we built the profile and associate the key and cert

        "app1.hosangit.corp.443.cert": {
          "certificate": {
            "bigip": "/Common/lb-app1.hosangit.corp"
          "privateKey": {
            "bigip": "/Common/lb-app1.hosangit.corp"
          "class": "Certificate"
        "app1.hosangit.corp.c.ssl.pf": {
          "certificates": [
              "certificate": "app1.hosangit.corp.443.cert"
          "ciphers": "ALL:!TLSv1:!TLSv1_1:!DHE:!SHA:!MD5:!ADH:!EXPORT:!EXP",
          "class": "TLS_Server"

Many times you need to delete the ciphers line to use F5 DEFAULT ciphers.

Its really that easy.

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