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Drupal Updates not working


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I'm behind a proxy which I believe is the reason I can't get through.... at least that's what I thought.


I entered the proxy settings in


still no luck


Then I realized that by running sestatus it shows it is enforced and probably blocking port 8080 which is where the proxy is so I changed sestatus to disabled by editing the following and rebooting the system


still no luck


Still checking

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Guest dennis

Odd but what I did to troubleshoot was install tcpdump (yum -y install tcpdump) then I watched for any proxy traffic by running

tcpdump -D (to find what interfaces I have)

tcpdump -i eth0 dst proxyIPaddress


This showed no traffic going to the proxy even with the hardcoded settings in /var/www/oa/sites/default/settings.php


I install http_proxy module and it did pull in the settings that was hardcoded in the settings.php and began working. (very strange)

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