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I was complaining on Twitter on how awful bluehost was for taking 48 hours to restore my sites in which time I lost my google rankings since they couldn't contact my site.  Wirenine saw my issues with Bluehost and offered there services. I looked into them but they were definitly more expensive than anyone else but had a crap load more features. I decided to go with Dreamhost because of cost and after learning they aren't very technical or nice, I decided to give wirenine a shot.  They transferred all my data over with some issues because of what Bluehost does with your sites but wirenine figured them out quickly and never did they show any attitude.  So far, very impressed with the support staff.


I will say, if you aren't familar with WHM like I'm not, then a huge learning curve if you go with the VPS option like I did.  Many advanced features and configurations available to you.  Way Way WAY more than any of the other VPS solutions I have tried.


I do recommend wirenine and they are U.S. based.

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