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I tried to switch my VPS from Bluehost to Dreamhost since Dreamhost is NOT part of the EIG.  I like the interface even though its not cPanel but its pretty easy to use.


Had some issues where all 8 of my sites wouldn't let me log in (note these sites include IP.Board, Joomla and Drupal mainly) and so I contacted Dreamhost support and they insisted the issue is with the software not the server.  I explained to them that these are just transfers and they work without issue on Bluehost and still they insisted its not the server.  So I contacted Invision Power (makers of the IP.Board you are reading this on) and they checked it out and uploaded a stand alone script which also would not allow you to log in.  So I contacted Dreamhost support again and they basically said, too bad.


I still have a few domains on this site but I'm not putting anything important with Dreamhost if they have such horrible support.

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Dreamhost is getting worse by the day...


I was transferring gearcrushers.com up to my Dreamhost VPS and now I can't log into it anymore via FTP, SFTP or SSH.  (sound familar)  Restart VPS to see if it would restart services if that was the issue but no luck.


Looks like I'm putting all my eggs (websites) on wirenine which makes me nervous but so far so good until I get burned.

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