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Open Atrium 2 Taxonomy


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Here are some steps (not positive they are exact but it should get you close)

  1. Click ADMIN - Structure - Taxonomy - Add vocabulary (what categories/titles for terms.. example Status)

  2. Click add terms right next to your Vocabulary name you just created (example next to Status) and type a Name for your first term.. under Status a term I'm adding is Active (the description is optional) and I leave everything else with default settings so I don't do anything with Relations (Parent terms: , Weight: 0) and I leave URL path settings alone (Generate automatic URL alias is checked by default) then click Save.  Repeat for each term you want to add to that vocabulary.  Add multiple Vocabulary Names.

  3. Now let's apply these to a space... click on the space you want to apply them to.

  4. Top right there is a gear icon, click on the gear icon then click on Config

  5. Click on Taxonomy

  6. Expand the Existing vocabularies to show the newly created vocabularies.

  7. Place a checkmark next to each vocabulary you want to apply to this space (and sub-spaces by default) and click save.

  8. Now that the vocabulary moved from Existing up to the default display, click on edit vocabulary next to the vocabulary you added.

  9. Scroll down to where you see Node - Space and place a checkmark in the Enable box.  I also would change the Widget type to Check boxes/radio buttons and select how many values are acceptable.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Now go to your space and click the edit button and make the choices for that taxonomy that should apply to that space... you should see it towards the bottom... click save.

  12. To have this term show up on the space for anyone browsing...  while viewing the space, click Customize this page.

  13. On the sidebar (as a suggestion... you can pick anywhere in your layout) click the + button.

  14. On the left, click Page Content

  15. Scroll down until you see Node terms, and click +Add

  16. I usually click Override title and enter the title of my Vocabulary (like Status as used in my example above)

  17. Under Vocabulary selection, I choose my vocabulary Status and click Save.

That's all there is to it (pretty sure).


Hope that helps

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You are awesome!


That helped / worked / solved my issue.  Maybe you should be writing instructions for Phase2.  Easy to follow and simple enough for anyone to follow

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