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Open Atrium Installation on Drupal 7


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Not as easy as I thought it would be but I am very much new to Drupal 7.. pretty much built all my websites on Joomla.


I'm putting this here as a learning lession...  I installed Open Atrium on Drupal 7 on my MAMP Pro install and a few items that would of been nice to know before I started this several day process.


MAMP PRO users, you must point your Mac OS X PATH statement to use the PHP included in MAMP PRO since OS X comes with its own version it messes with things.  It's not difficult

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Guest dennis

I'm not sure if this is a drupal or open atrium issue.  Creating taxonomy vocabulary and I forgot to check Required and went to add that its required and upon clicking Save or Delete I get the following on any Taxonomy that is established...  that's on a fresh install of Open Atrium 2.



OgVocabException: Vocabulary ID is already associated with another group. in og_vocab_relation_save() (line 729 of/Users/dennis/Sites/ipam/profiles/openatrium/modules/contrib/og_vocab/og_vocab.module).

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

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Currently running into an error where during install of Open Atrium 2 (new install) I'm getting the error

Clean Urls most be available and enabled to use OpenAtrium

I did double check via a phpinfo.php that mod_rewrite module is loaded and that .htaccess does exist so not sure what else it needs to work.

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