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Web Site Daily Automatic Backup


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So I have a hostmonster account with multiple domains hosted and I want to be able to back up each folder and corresponding database.


Website backup program hosted on my own website that will...

automatically on a schedule backup directory (or directories) by zipping and placing in a different directory or sending via FTP

automatically on a schedule backup sql db by placing in a different directory or sending via FTP

Now I have my mission, need to find a solution.

So far I have found

http://website2backup.com (cost me like $20 but having trouble getting it to work which automatically makes me nervous and you have to pay $50 for support)

http://www.phpmybackuppro.net/ (looked promising and the price was right but again, this has a lot of problems and I can't seem to get around the issues to make it work)

I don't want to have to run a program on my workstation to backup the site on a regular basis. I want the website to backup my websites and it is very difficult to find something so simple.

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