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IPS Garage Solution


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Since I switched from vBulletin to the more powerful and stable IPS I had to do some research on a new Garage solution to replace vBproGarage running on vBulletin.

The best solution I have found so far that comes somewhat close is Garage 2.0.2 offered by DevFuse. Now if you have used vBproGarage and switch over you will be disappointed as now you also will need to purchase Timeslips from DevFuse to be able to record track information but it's possible and so far the only real solution/replacement.

As you get into DevFuse Garage you learn that the product is somewhat user friendly but not to the degree that vbprogarage is but then again, it is the best solution for IPS.

If someone believes a better product for IPS exists, then please let me know but I'm 75% happy with DevFuse Garage with the hopes that future updates will make it even better.

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