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Communityseo Not Good


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I just moved over to IPS from vBulletin and when I was with vBulletin I was a HUGE fan of vbSEO. It totally sent traffic to my site and made the URL's easy to read.

Since I moved over to IPS I was looking for a vbSEO and first tried something by IceLabz but none of my sitemaps would ever index in Google so I decided to jump off that bandwagon after giving it a month. Then I did some research and came across the professional looking CommunitySEO or CSEO for short.

I also saw the big review of CSEO from cfarber (a staff member of IPS) recommending CSEO and stated how wonderful the traffic load increase has been since installing CSEO. So I thought, since IPS staff recommends it, I should pay the $100+ for this tool as well.


It did nothing but mess up my site. Yes I eventually got some of it to work and some URL's indexed but it also provided Google with over 3000 links that are not able to follow (deadlinks).

I also had conflicts with other applications and it appeared the application iteself isn't very well supported. In fact, if you register you will see more people complaining about the product then complimenting it or even adding suggestions to help improve the product like people do with IPS.

So I strongly recommend against CSEO and stick with the IPS native FURL. You may want to download the free Sitemap Generator which does seem to work very well. A lot of seperate sitemaps but they seem to work. I already have way more submitted links in Google with these sitemaps then I did with CSEO (nothing indexed yet but I do have a 0 in the column which shows a sign it is probably coming soon).

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