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Add large files to Downloads II


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Some of the files I store in Downloads II for later download are pretty large (over 300MB) and if you try and add this size file using the front end, it normally fails or times out.

So the solution to this speed bump is to

Upload file to your server using FTP

  1. log in using user account and password
  2. cd /public_html/forums/downloads
  3. lcd /Users/wildweaselmi/Source_Files
  4. put largeassfile.dmg

This will copy from your local drive to your downloads directory

Next, you want to go into the Admin Console in vBulletin

  1. Click on DownloadsII
  2. Click on Import (will only show files that you have the extensions added)
  3. Fill in the File Details for the ones you want to import and place a checkmark in the far right column to import file.
  4. Click the Import Button and you are done.

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