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Testing Upgrade to vB4.0


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Currently we are testing the upgrade of our site to the latest version that vBulletin is offering with 4.0 RC2 currently.

If you want to see the progress, you can check out our TEST site at MyWiseGuys Forums (TEST)

NOTE: This is only a test site and anything added will be eventually deleted for more testing. The permanent forum is this forum at MyWiseGuys Forums

We will keep you posted on the progress but we will not upgrade our current site unless all current functionality is carried over and maintained which includes:


Owner: vBulletin

Status: test passed

Social Groups

Owner: vBulletin

Status: test passed


Owner: vBulletin

Status: test passed

Pictures & Albums

Owner: vBulletin

Status: test passed

Contacts & Friends

Owner: vBulletin

Status: test passed

Garage 2.1.1

Owner:vb pro garage

Status: currently doesn't work, Dylan is working on it but no idea when it will be ready. I miss it


Owner: Photopost

Status: being tested

vbulletin4.0 - Page 3 - PhotoPost Community


Owner: vbSEO

Status: test passed


Owner: ???

Status: test passed

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Okay, so apparantly I downloaded just the forum


When I should of downloaded the Publishing Suite


So I am going to start the test site all over again but I have to say that the test from vBulletin 3.8.4 Patch Level 1 upgrade to vBulletin 4.0 RC4 was successful. Very clean and no issues.

Some things to expect:

All your applications/modifications don't work (change to disable in plugin manager)

All your Style/Template's won't work (it will default to new vb4.0 style)

All your Style/Template modifications don't carry over (example navbar changes)

Go through Maintenance and click on each maint item once

But Social Groups carried over with permissions intact

Forums and User Groups carried over with permissions intact

Albums & Pictures carried over with Private Albums still Private

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This new version is just too nice to leave on the testing bed so I upgraded the main site.

Now the downer is that I no longer have access to the Garage until they update the software, which is one of my favorite add-ons. So for those of you looking for the Garage, its coming but is now on hold until CND releases version 2.1 which will work with vBulletin 4.0

Now I am working on Classifieds which should work.

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Personally, I like the change. It is very clean and I'm getting the hang of where everything is.

I miss the GARAGE and CLASSIFIEDS you had before. I hope those will come back soon.

ALSO before you could insert an image and could browse your Albums for a photo to put inline with your blog or forum post. Bring that back as well...

Great job!

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