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Photopost on its way out


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Okay, I have tried to make this software work but its just not cutting it. To many issues and I don't feel development really cares what we suggest to help there product.

Now I give two thumbs up for support. If you post a question or comment in the forum, you will receive a response pretty quickly but it may not be the response you were looking for.

They have a feature that allows you to download photos if you add the photos you want to download into your favorites. Well they apparantly do no support the feature because it doesn't always work and they aren't interested in figuring it out. There suggestion was to keep allotting more memory to PHP so it can process it. I already bumped the memory up from 32MB to 70MB to try and help photopost work and photopost is still running out of php memory.

So I am looking at possibly using an alternative like vBPicGallery or PhotoPlog but really am not too interested in spending more money. I may just utilize the built in vBulletin Albums until I upgrade to vBulletin 4 which should be right around the corner.

Something that I really really like when using the vBulletin Albums is when you look at someone's profile, it shows the albums they created. It feels integrated and I really like that. The downfall is no ability to rate images, no ability to have guests comment on an image using captcha verification.

Stay tuned. For now Photopost will remain until I figure out how to migrate to something else. Classifieds will stay (no plans of removing that photopost application.



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That's great news!

Currently we are using vbGallery which is a cousin of Photopost but more integrated with the forum.

Unfortunately none of the solutions I looked at provide a download link or button and expect the users to right click on the picture and click Save As or Download Picture.

Sorry it took so long and appreciate your assistance in troubleshooting this. We will keep the vBGallery since it worked.

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