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Photo Gallery Search for Jomsocial


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The current photo album is really not very good that comes with JomSocial especially when you are moving from a strong gallery like RSGallery2.

Since JomSocial is so new still, not a lot of developers have a photo or gallery plugin for JomSocial. Of course the first one that does will probably be the winner of a lot of new customers. Because we love JomSocial but the biggest complaint by so many is the not so great built in photo gallery.

Two photo gallery's that have a JomSocial plugin in the works, that I found, include :

SIM Gallery


Both look very promising but some requirements that need to be met for the gallery to work for us would include the following features:

site search plugin (this would search for photo titles, description and tags)

an ability to customize upload limits per user (so you don't have someone taking up all your hosting space limits)

ability to assign user points

ability for user to set a certain album to private, public or friends only. (would be nice if this security could go all the way down to the photo level so you could mark an album as public but restrict certain photos that aren't public proper but still belong in that album.

ability for user to set a certain photo as the album cover

ability for user to set if a photo is able to be downloaded or not (would be nice to

implement the right click "save as" limitation or at least instructions)

module that does a slideshow of random photos that are marked public (when module is marked as public)... copy that module and mark it for registered users only and have a slideshow of random photos marked registered (not marked friends only)

module that would perform a slideshow of a certain album only. (could publish the module on a page and have just that relevant slideshow displayed while on those certain pages)

Nice start... anyone else?


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