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Migrate ARI Quiz to new domain?


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I am having the most difficult time moving ARI Quiz from http://www.hosangit.com to http://www.mywiseguys.net

I loaded the component on http://www.mywiseguys.net

I went to phpmyadmin and tried to export the SQL tables that start with ARI from the hosangit.com sql database

1.) When under the EXPORT tab in phpmyadmin, on the left I click Unselect All then click on the tables that start with jos_ariquiz and leave the radio button selected next to SQL

2.) Once I click GO it prompts me to save the .sql file to my local drive

ARI_QUIZ_sql_export.jpg (45.25 KiB) Viewed 14 times

Then using phpmyadmin I tried to import the SQL file that got created with the export process and I get to nowhere.

ARI_QUIZ_sql_import.jpg (29.51 KiB) Viewed 14 times

After clicking GO to import the file I immediatly get this error

ARI_QUIZ_sql_import_error1.jpg (9.34 KiB) Viewed 14 times

Does anyone have any idea's on what the correct way to do this should be?

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Have you tried to uninstall the ARIQuiz component and then attempt a SQL import? It appears there is a conflict because the tables already exist.

Once you get the tables imported, go ahead and install ARIQuiz.

Give that a try and see what happens.

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ARI Quiz, staying or going?

I learned today that I have to pay another $75 for the quiz software to renew the license (which is only good for a year)

I am looking at alternatives. I would like to find a quiz software that will work with vBulletin but I am not having any luck with that test.

So what I may end up doing is finding a stand alone product which will require anyone wanting to take the test to register seperatly from vBulletin OR I may invest in Quiz Creator which will create Flash quizes you can really add to any site and I may be able to embed the flash quiz in my vBulletin forum.

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