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JomComment Error


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I am receiving an error when I click on a myblog with a jomcomment (show below)

Notice: Undefined index: version in /public_html/components/com_jomcomment/libraries/avatar.class.php on line 109

I checked the avatar.class.php on line 109 and it shows this:

if($fbConfig['version'] == '1.0.1'{[/code]

Current Installation includes:

Joomla 1.5.8

JomComment Version: 2.2 Build 536

Fireboard 1.0.5 RC2

Any help is most appreciated.

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Experiencing this error ourselves we opened a trouble ticket with Azrul (support@azrul.com) and they sent us a file to put in our libraries folder which created a new error.

Upon notifying Azrul they logged into the site and corrected the problem but I couldn't tell you exactly what they did.

Something to note.. I was told that you are allowed free upgrades in the first 12 months of purchase of Jom Comment.

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