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Joomla + vBulletin Integration Test


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I currently have installed:

Joomla 1.5.10 (master)

JomSocial 1.1.145

JFusion 1.1.2-001

vBulletin 3.8.2 (slave)

It appears JFusion is working and allowing me to log into JomSocial/Joomla and then logging me in automagically into vBulletin.

Next steps will be to add



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Added PhotoPost and learned on how to Add some links in the navbar.

Added HOME (to send users to the Joomla site)

Added Forums (to allow users a way to get back to vBulletin)

Added Gallery (to give users a way to get to the Gallery)

Also updated the "register" link in the Welcome message to point users to JomSocial.

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Found the implementation of JFusion to integrate Joomla + vBulletin is causing some issues (at least two issues that I know of).

In vBulletin, if you click on Plugin & Products, then Plugin Manager you will find the JFusion plugin labeled JFusion Dual Login Plugin. If you uncheck Active (deactivating the plugin) you can see vBulletin Blog (if installed) in the menu and as a Search option and the PhotoPost Gallery (if installed) is also in the menu as well as a Search option.

As soon as you activate the plugin, those disappear.

Submitted posts to JFusion under the vBulletin plugin forum to see if they know anything.

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Our Final Answer....

Front end (Sales) will be Joomla sites. Why? Mostly because Joomla does a wonderful job at a clean front end but what Joomla doesn't have is a mega powerful forum like vBulletin.

So our front-end will remain Joomla



And our social headquarters will remain being our mega powerful forum, IPB (use to be vBulletin)


This is the best setup for us. We don't have login capability for users on the Joomla sites, only the forum which is the only place for input. Of course all the goodies that were in Joomla are in IPB to include

  • Blogs
  • Social Groups
  • Gallery
  • Garage
  • Classifieds

The only missing item from vBulletin is the quiz capability which I am still hunting for.

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WHY are we moving away from Joomla? It's a strong CMS and free so what could be wrong?

One of my biggest issues with Joomla is the group or member management. It's horrible and I know there are add-ons but what happens with add-ons for any software is the lack of support or they just disappear after you rely on them.

It's almost been a year and we have found we are most comfortable with IP.Board by InvisionPower.com which is what you are reading this on. Very strong software and well supported. The only downfall I have found so far are the following three items

  1. Currently when you select print, the preview looks good but when you actually print it prints the entire page instead of the pretty preview of just the relevant text
  2. Search function I am not a big fan of. For one, it doesn't search IP addresses found in articles. Second, it doesn't just give you a full list of relevant hits, it gives you a list under forum, then you have to click on another tab to see the results for blog and another for gallery, etc. instead of just giving all results in one window and next to it saying where it found it (maybe make the columns sortable).
  3. When you are adding a blog or a forum discussion and you want to add a picture, you have to get out and go add the picture to Gallery, copy the link url and then go back to the blog or discussion to include the photo. They should have the ability to add a photo to the gallery right in the blog or forum or wherever as well as allow you to browse the gallery for a photo to use in your article.
Not major items but they would greatly improve the system.

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