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Yahoo Mail gets hacked again

Posted by wildweaselmi , 04 June 2012 · 1,259 views

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Yahoo Mail gets hacked again Yahoo mail or otherwise known as Ymail or otherwise known as sbcglobal mail has been hacked again so you probably have been seeing messages sent to you from your friends with one of these email accounts.

Now I make fun of the fact that Yahoo email gets hacked but its not hotmail which is tied for the top two worse email providers right next to aol.

So who has been the most secure email provider since just about the beginning, gmail. Google Mail has proven again and again its brilliant security and hack proof servers. This is probably why so many business and schools actually use Google Mail as there email server.

I realize the reason most of you still have a Yahoo mail or AOL account or Hotmail account is because you have owned it for so long.

Some of the reasons to get rid of those three providers being your email provider is simple. Not secure, Proven to be hacked continuously, not as feature rich as other providers like Gmail.

Jun 04 2012 02:41 PM
My friend lost his entire Yahoo account because it was hacked and they took over his account. When he contacted Yahoo they could't help him.

Another person I know had a hotmail account that got broken into and all the email addresses taken from it and then they sent emails to everyone as that person for some sort of virus that infected there friends computers.

I have been using gmail for years and love it. I will never change.
I agree google mail knows what they are doing.

Two recent emails that are being sent from Yahoo Accounts are (DO NOT CLICK ON LINK)
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Yahoo is getting as bad as hotmail which in my opinion is the worse email server prone to spam and hackers the most. AOL is the second and Yahoo is third worse.

Gmail is so far ahead of everyone else its not really even a competition.